I had a hard time with the whole “twitter chat” thing. For someone that was refusing to jump on the Twitter boat, a mandatory active twitter account was a pretty big deal. For starters, I never even knew what I should tweet and who I could possibly tweet to. Then to make things worse, I couldn’t figure out what a twitter chat was. I am actually still not too sure what a twitter chat is…hmm. And naturally, every night someone brought up a Twitter chat from class, I was stuck at work…story of my life. Hopefully, through my extensive twitter searches, the #NoReservations chat was a real twitter chat.

The Season 8 premier of Anthony Bourdain’s series, No Reservations was April 9 at 9 PM.  According to Twitter, Anthony Bourdain (@NoReservations) was tweeting live during the show and there was a twitter chat that could be followed and tweeted using #NoReservations. While watching the episode and tweeting the Travel Channel and Anthony Bourdain begging them for jobs, I thought I would try to ask Anthony Bourdain how he got his job…considering that is my ultimate goal. Unfortunately, Bourdain never answered my question but I enjoyed talking about the show and Bourdain’s visit to Mozambique.

There were so many people tweeting Anthony Bourdain and #NoReservations I felt like I couldn’t keep up. It was difficult for me to pay attention to the show and monitor Twitter at the same time. I think it is going to take a lot for me to get used to the whole Twitter thing…and I can only hope that my attempt with #NoReservations was a really Twitter chat; otherwise, I am going to feel quite silly.


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