When I originally registered for the Principles of Public Relations course at USF, I was doing so just to make sure I took care of one of my selective requirements so I can graduate in May. As a Telecommunications/Broadcast News student in Mass Communications, I thought I had very little interest in the field of Public Relations. This course definitely opened up my mind a little bit and almost made me wish I had gone the PR route instead; however, I ultimately decided this class, and PR as a whole, will help me in Telecommunications. I think a knowledge base of Pubic Relation will be especially helpful to me if my dream of working with communication(s) all around the world comes true.

I was surprised at how quickly I became interested in the field of Public Relations. I think a large part had to do with the teacher, Alan Abitbol, who actually managed to not make coming to class a complete torture. I learned a lot about stuff that I didn’t know would even pertain to my career choice but I think without the class, it would have been a major setback in my career later on. As groups, we had to analyze different advertising campaigns and that really helped me gain a better understanding of all of the efforts put on to get a product or organization out there. If one day, somehow I manage to have my own television show on the Travel Channel (one can only hope), I have a better knowledge of effective ways to put my name and my show out there.

In the long run, I am grateful for the Mass Communications Department at USF for making their students take selective requirements outside of their sequence because otherwise, I don’t think I ever would have bothered with a Public Relations class. Hopefully one day, the knowledge base of PR will be as useful in my future as I am hoping.


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