picture borrowed from Samantha Brown's blog

      Samantha Brown is the traveling journalist of all traveling journalists. She has been gracing the screen of the Travel Channel for the last ten years. She conveys her discoveries on camera while traveling to dozens of countries and hundreds of cities. Brown “truly enjoys showing viewers how extraordinary it is to be a part of everyday life in another part of the world and how the language barrier can sometimes be a bridge to a deeper communication, one that she respects and cherishes.”

          Born in Dallas, Texas and raised in Derry, New Hampshire, Brown attended Syracuse University and acquired a degree in musical theatre. Brown was discovered by the Travel Channel while performing in off-Broadway productions.

Brown’s outgoing personality and effortless performance capability have helped her establish a name for herself and expand the popularity of her shows on the Travel Channel. Brown has the pleasure of traveling the world nine months out of the year, staying at some of the most beautiful and luxurious locations and interacting with the most interesting people.    

“I’m just fascinated by people, their stories and what motivates them. And I really find that when people miss out on that, they are really missing out on the travel experience and why we travel,” Brown said. While she travels, Brown is sure to embrace and describe her experiences so that her viewers have a better understanding and appreciation.

  Brown said the part she loves most about her job, is spending time in somebody else’s life. She learns from them and learns a little bit about herself in the process. Although being away from home for about 250 days a year can be extremely difficult, Brown said she uses those emotions to invest herself totally in the people she is going to meet and the culture she’s about to get to know that day.

“When you meet people from around the world who open themselves up to you – then, yes, it is the best job in the world,” said Brown. “I never forget how privileged I am to get to know a little bit about another person around the world, and how that helps me understand the greater world.”

Samantha Brown has come a long way since she was a musical theatre major from Derry, New Hampshire. The Travel Channel has given Brown some of the most amazing and unforgettable opportunities because of her on–camera likeability and her ability to illustrate the different people and places she visits around the world.

Samantha Brown’s blog.


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